Closing Thoughts

Well, that didn’t turn out the way I hoped.

Nonetheless, the campaign was enormously fun — especially doing the candidate forums — and I learned a lot, met a lot of great people, and generally found the whole thing to be worth while. You ought to try it.

Most importantly, I owe many thank you’s to many people who helped out on this campaign. My wife and family, who have been tremendously supportive, Christina, my campaign treasurer, who had to use that horrid ORCA reporting software for the Public Disclosure Commission. David Flint, who helped set up my Donate page and planted signs. Jeff Scherrer and Dan Matthews, who were tremendously supportive during the whole campaign. The PCOs of the 21st District, who placed their faith in me with their endorsement. Steve Prestek of Prestek Design Services, who provided encouragement as well as print support. The generous donors who sent their hard-earned cash to our campaign. And especially the voters of the 21st District who found our message appealing… I only wish there had been more of you!

And finally, congratulations to Representative-elect Strom Peterson. We disagree about… well, almost every issue we ever talked about, but it was a pleasure sharing the stage with you every time we met.